University of Bayreuth and HRAF

Located in Upper Franconia (Oberfranken), the University of Bayreuth has been one of HRAF’s German member institutions since 1987. The anthropology program at Uni Bayreuth focuses on cultural studies or ethnologies, including African studies. Research areas include the study of non-industrial societies in West Africa, and the anthropology of kinship, family, generation and childhood. While visiting family in a nearby town, Christiane Cunnar, who is the liaison for the library, faculty, and students of HRAF member institutions, took this opportunity to meet with a group of librarians at the Central Library (Zentralbibliothek) at Uni Bayreuth to give a demonstration of HRAF’s ethnographic database and to discuss its newest features. Demonstrations of eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology are available to member and non-member institutions. When “on-site” demonstrations are not possible, then, of course, online “webinars” can be arranged by the library and/or faculty. If interested, please contact for more information.