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HRAF Newsletter

You can find past newsletters here.

HRAF Publications

  • HRAF Press: We still have books available on our backlist. We are no longer producing HRAF Press books. Click here for a complete list.
  • HRAFlex On-Demand: For those publications listed as “photocopied,” we custom print copies of manuscripts with a spiral binder.
  • The Outline of Cultural Materials, the Outline of World Cultures, and the Outline of Archaeological Traditions are also available with a spiral binder.
  • To place an order or to get more information about publications, email or call 

Encyclopedias and Bibliographies

HRAF has produced many reference works in conjunction with major publishers. Click here for details.

Manuscripts and Archives

HRAF recently began organizing its collections of manuscripts and archives.  The most significant inclusions are the Whiting Collection of the Child Development Research Unit and the Whiting Collection of the Six Cultures Project.