Featured HRAF Global Scholar: Getnet Tibebu Alemayehu

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HRAF Global Scholar: Getnet Tibebu Alemayehu
Title: PhD Candidate, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
University Affiliation: Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
Research Topic: Resistance and Representations in African Anglophone Novels: Language politics, magical realism and post-colonial feminism

Getnet Tibebu Alemayehu

Getnet Tibebu Alemayehu is a PhD candidate at Addis Ababa University in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. He is in his fourth year of the PhD program in the final writing stage. Getnet’s topic for his PhD thesis is language politics in African literature, discussing issues of motherism, women’s rights, and magical realism. Getnet is using eHRAF World Cultures to further facilitate his study of Africa.

Getnet holds a Master of Arts in English Literature from Addis Ababa University and graduated with distinction. His master’s thesis is titled, Post-Colonial Trajectories in Ngugi’s Matigari. He has been teaching English in private and governmental schools in Addis Ababa for more than five years. He also taught as a lecturer in Mizan Tepi University.

Getnet’s research seeks to compare and contrast African political systems with Western systems, as well as those in other parts of the world. He is committed to social justice and gender equality. Getnet states, “My ultimate goal is to bring justice, freedom, and equality by conducting research and voicing the people’s pain to the front stage.”

Getnet was selected as a participant in the Addis 2019 Workshop Africa as Concept and Method: Emancipation, Decolonization, Freedom. As a literary scholar using an ethnographic database, Getnet exemplifies the multidisciplinary nature of eHRAF World Cultures. As stated on the website for the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI):

Learning literature is a tool which serves as a mirror to see one another’s cultural, political, economic, social, etc., aspects. Moreover, it is an interdisciplinary stream […] Through education, I will strongly work to decolonize the mind (bring freedom of thought) for African people in particular and for the world in general. Learning in general is a road map which leads us to the bright corner of the world.

HRAF is honored to welcome Getnet Tibebu Alemayehu as one of our HRAF Global Scholarship winners. We wish him continued success with his research.

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