AAA/CASCA Annual Meeting Recap (November 16-18, 2023)

2023 AAA/CASCA Annual Meeting

HRAF staff members Carol Ember, Michael Fischer, Matthew Longcore, Ian Skoggard, and Samantha King attended the 2023 AAA/CASCA Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada. It was great to reconnect with friends we have known for years, and also a pleasure to meet many new people. Giveaways at our exhibit booth included HRAF tote bags, bookmarks, and database trials.

Ian Skoggard hosted a panel on Scientific Perspectives in Human Transitions sponsored by the Society for Anthropological Sciences (SAS). HRAF staff members Carol Ember, Michael Fischer, and Samantha King were participants on the panel. The panel also included Cheng Liu and Brea McCauley, who were participants in the HRAF Summer Institutes for Cross-Cultural Anthropological Research.

Michael Fischer gave a demonstration illustrating how developments produced via the iKLEWS Project could facilitate and enhance research using eHRAF World Cultures. The demonstration showcased a web app featuring prototype tools and analysis for HRAF data including visualizations such as concept maps and 3D Principal Component Analysis (PCA) graphs.

Carol Ember and Matthew Longcore provided demonstrations of the eHRAF databases and showcased the eHRAF Workbooks for teaching and learning. This year, cultural diversity was the focus of our exhibition booth.

Here is a poster from the event which features an overview of our mission and teaching materials.

Mission and Teaching Materials

This poster features our regional, ethnic, and diaspora cultures throughout North America.

North American Cultures

HRAF also shared a poster that demonstrates how the eHRAF databases are useful for students, faculty, and researchers.

How can eHRAF help you

Thank you to all those who connected with us at the AAA/CASCA meeting in Toronto. HRAF looks forward to attending the 2024 AAA Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida.