Traditional Cereal Agriculture in China

Here are the steps in eHRAF World Cultures to search for traditional cereal agriculture in China. For this search it’s best to use the “Add Subjects ” and “Add Cultures” functions and keywords in an Advanced Search.

cereal agriculture in China

Steps in Using an eHRAF Advanced Search

Step 1. Find culture(s) for the specific country

Click Add Cultures>By Country>China>Miao, Yi, etc.

Step 2. Find subject(s) for traditional cereal.
Click Add Subjects –use tabs to find “matching” subjects for your topic:
>A-Z Index (type the word “cereal” in index box)
>Major Subjects>”Resources Exploitation”
>OCM Code>OCM 243 Cereal Agriculture in the OCM 200 range under “Agriculture” (this is the quickest way to see the full list of OCM subjects)

Try your own eHRAF Advanced Search in  eHRAF World Cultures . Contact for a current login.

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