Shell Middens in Eastern Woodland Traditions in eHRAF Archaeology

This image shows an Advanced Search in eHRAF Archaeology for the topic “Shell middens in Eastern Woodland Archaeological Traditions of North America.”

Advanced Search for “shell middens in Eastern Woodland traditions”

Steps in building a search query in an eHRAF Advanced Search

Step 1. Find prehistoric culture(s) to match “Eastern Woodland”
Click Add Traditions>By Region>North America>Eastern Woodlands>Eastern Early Archaic, Eastern Late Archaic, Eastern Early Woodland, etc.

Step 2. Find subject(s) for “midden.”
Click Add Subjects –use tabs to find “matching” subjects for your topic:
> A-Z Index (type the word “midden” in index box)
> Major Subjects>Basic Information>Settlements>Refuse disposal and sanitary facilities (OCM 364)
> OCM Code>360 range under “Settlements” (this is the quickest way to see the full list of all OCM subjects included in eHRAF Archaeology)

Step 3. Optional! Add Keywords
In addition to using the OCM subjects you can also use keywords. Truncate words at word stem and separate each word with a space: midden* garbage*

Step 4. Click + in lower right hand side to add more subject and keyword terms

Step 5. Add Keywords
Because you are looking for “shell middens” you’ll need additional keywords to express “shell.” Truncate words at word stem and separate each word with a space: shell* olivella*

Step 6. Boolean AND and OR-Very, very important to set them right!
AND to narrow search
OR to expand search
(see red  and blue circles in image above)

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