Where can I learn about cultural sampling within eHRAF?

View the Sampling section of HRAF’s Basic Guide to Cultural Research for a comprehensive overview of cultural sampling, including sample sizes, which samples are used within eHRAF, and how best to make use of these in your research.

In brief, eHRAF World Cultures contains three samples that can be considered representative:

The Probability Sample Files (PSF) is stratified random sample of 60 largely preindustrial societies that meet certain data quality controls, one randomly chosen from each culture area. Learn more.

The Simple Random Sample (SRS) currently contains 28 societies randomly chosen from a compiled list of over 8 cross-cultural samples. Learn more.

The Standard Cross-Cultural Sample (SCCS) consists of 186 anthropologically described societies pinpointed in time and space. Learn more.

eHRAF Archaeology has a Simple Random Sample.



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