HRAF partnership with SACC


The Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) at Yale University is pleased to announce our new partnership with the Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges (SACC). The partnership with SACC is part of the HRAF Community College Initiative, launched in 2019 to recognize the important role of community colleges in providing students with access to quality, affordable opportunities for higher education. HRAF and SACC are in alignment on three major principles: supporting diversity and equity, sharing resources, and advocating for students. The key areas of the HRAF-SACC partnership are:

  • Discounted Dues
  • Teaching Exercises
  • Event Collaboration

Discounted Dues

HRAF is offering discounted annual dues for academic institutions that have faculty members affiliated with SACC. HRAF membership makes eHRAF databases available to college libraries. Here are the eligibility conditions:

  • Discount only for new members of eHRAF World Cultures and/or eHRAF Archaeology
  • Discount only for community colleges with faculty members affiliated with SACC
  • Discounted membership rates apply to single community college campuses only

If you are a SACC member interested in having institutional access to eHRAF databases at your community college, we encourage you to speak with your college librarian and/or social sciences department chairperson. For those unfamiliar with eHRAF databases, please click here to initiate a free 60-day trial for your academic institution.

Teaching Exercises

HRAF is developing new materials for Teaching eHRAF which are suitable for instruction at community colleges, including introductory courses in anthropology and archaeology. These teaching exercises are being developed in alignment with topics covered in the award winning, open access textbook Perspectives, which is produced by SACC. Additionally, HRAF produces engaging social media posts on topics of interest for undergraduate students, which can be developed into teaching exercises. HRAF is currently developing a new teaching exercise related to our food anthropology post.

Event Collaboration

HRAF will collaborate with SACC on planning presentations for upcoming events, including the AAA annual meetings and SACC regional conferences.

About HRAF

HRAF is a membership-supported nonprofit organization committed to developing dynamic, expertly indexed anthropological databases. For over 70 years, HRAF has been at the forefront of comparative and cross-cultural research. HRAF’s mission is to promote understanding of cultural diversity and commonality in the past and present. HRAF’s flagship products are the eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology databases. As the largest anthropological data bank in the world, eHRAF features global samples of cultures and traditions, with ethnographic and archaeological data subject-indexed at the paragraph level.

About SACC

SACC is a section of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) founded in 1978 to promote excellence in the teaching of anthropology. SACC sponsors annual conferences that feature academic presentations and noted guest speakers. Conferences also include fieldtrips to local archaeological sites, ethnographically interesting communities, and museums with expert guides and interpreters. SACC produces Perspectives: An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology, the first peer-reviewed, open access cultural anthropology textbook, which is available for free at