Aztec Dog Burials in eHRAF Archaeology

Here are the steps in eHRAF Archaeology to search for ‘Aztec dog burials.’  For this search it’s best to use the “Add Traditions” and “Add Subjects” functions and keywords in an Advanced Search.

Advanced Search Aztec Dog Burials

Steps in Using Advanced Search in eHRAF Archaeology

Step 1. Find prehistoric culture(s) to match “Aztec”
Click Add Traditions>A-Z index>Aztec will find Early Anasazi and Central Mexico Postclassic

Step2. Find subject(s) for burials, mortuary, or funerary practices.
Click Add Subjects –use tabs to find “matching” subjects for your topic:
>A-Z Index (type the word “burial” in index box)
>Major Subjects>Health, Medicine, and Death >Death>Burial Practices and Funerals (OCM 764) or Special Burials and Funerals (OCM 766)
>OCM Code>760 range under “Death” (this is the quickest way to see the full list of all OCM subjects included in eHRAF Archaeology)

Step 3. Optional! Add Keywords
In addition to using the subjects for “burials” you can also use keywords. Truncate words at word stem and separate each word with a space: burial* funerar* mortuar* tomb* grave* coffin*

Step 4.  Click + in lower right hand side to add more subjects or keyword terms

Step 5. Add Keywords
Because you are looking for “dog burials” you’ll need additional keywords. Truncate words at word stem and each word with a space: dog* canis* canine*

Step 6. Boolean AND and OR-Very, very important to set them right!
AND to narrow search (see blue circle in image above)
OR to expand search (see red circle in image above)

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