Neolithic Houses with Thatched Roofs

In eHRAF Archaeology you can search for neolithic houses with thatched roofs using the Advanced Search with its “Add Traditions/Subjects” feature and keywords.

In the Advanced Search use the “Add Traditions” function to browse across the regions and to pick the archaeological traditions that reflect the neolithic time period.  Use the “Add Subjects” function to pick “dwellings” as OCM subject. If you want to broaden your search to include other types of houses and buildings such as outbuildings, public, religious, educational, and recreational structures.

Keywords can be added to your search to reflect a particular aspect of the building (e.g. a thatched roof).

This image shows how an Advanced Search for “neolithic houses with thatched roofs” in eHRAF Archaeology looks like.

eHRAF Archaeology Advanced Search for Neolithic Houses with Thatched Roofs

eHRAF Archaeology Advanced Search for Neolithic Houses with Thatched Roofs

Steps in building a search query in an eHRAF Advanced Search

Step 1. Find archaeological traditions to reflect the neolithic time period
Click Add Traditions > By Region > Africa, Asia, etc.  and open the subregion menu to select the traditions containing the word “neolithic.”

Step 2. Find a subject that is related to dwellings, buildings or structures.
Click Add Subjects –use A-Z index, Major Subjects, or tabs to find “matching” subjects for your topic:

>A-Z Index >type the word “dwellings” in index box to find the matching OCM subject
>Major Subjects>”Technology and Material Culture” >Structures > Dwellings (OCM 342)
>OCM Code>300 range under Structures > Dwellings (OCM 342), Outbuildings, etc.

Step 3. Optional! Add Keywords
In addition to using the OCM subjects you can also use truncated keywords such as thatch* (for thatched, thatching, etc.).

Step 5. Boolean AND and OR-Very, very important to set them right!

AND to narrow search
OR to expand search
(see red  and green circles in image above)

Try your own eHRAF Advanced Search in eHRAF Archaeology. Contact for a current login.

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